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One Summer Can Change Your Life - In Our School or in Your Home

6 Weeks In-Person or 8 Weeks Online Can be Your Start to Cognitive Change

Every summer, students from around the world join the Arrowsmith community in-person or online to participate in the Cognitive Intensive Program (CIP).  

Arrowsmith School’s summer program is a great fit for many families to engage in our Symbol Relations – Cognitive Intensive Program.


Strengthening the Symbol Relations Cognitive Function
Enhances the Ability to:

  • process quickly 
  • comprehend 
  • reason mathematically 
  • focus
  • make connections
  • think logically 
  • see other points of view
  • debate

Want to perform better at school, work and in life? Start by strengthening your Symbol Relations cognitive function this summer.  

Experience Arrowsmith and the City of Toronto This Summer

Arrowsmith School’s in-person summer program runs for six weeks beginning the first week of July.  

Students attend full days Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm Eastern Time, engaging in the Symbol Relations Cognitive Exercise and daily Cognitive Health activities. 

Students aged 8 to 14 spend 180 minutes per day on the Symbol Relations Cognitive Exercise, while students 15+ engage their brain for 270 minutes daily during the six-week program.

Our in-person experience provides opportunities for physical exercise, arts and crafts, science experiments and fun in the sun with new friends. Parents and students make connections with families from around the world.  


Join From the Comfort
of Your Home

Arrowsmith School’s online summer school program provides enrolment dates every two weeks beginning early June.  

Students start at a time that is convenient for them and commit to attending for eight consecutive weeks between the beginning of June and the end of the third week of August.

Students aged 8 to 14 engage in the Symbol Relations Cognitive Exercise for 135 minutes each morning or afternoon, while students aged 15+ attend for approximately 200 minutes daily. 

Students will experience theme days and cognitive health activities to promote socialization, engagement, and understanding of growth mindset, mindfulness practices, goal setting and perseverance.

2024 Dates

View our available dates for in-person, online and combined offerings.

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In Person - Toronto Campus

6 weeks
July 2 to August 9

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8 weeks
June 17 to August 9

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8 weeks
June 24 to August 16

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8 weeks
July 2 to August 23

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Combined Offering

Option 1: In-Person - 3 weeks Intensive:
July 2 to July 19 or
July 22 to August 9

Option 2: Online - 4 weeks Intensive:
June 17 to July 12 or
July 2 to July 26 or
July 29 to August 23

Combined with:
4 hours/week/4 months or
In-Person or Online Classroom, 40 minutes daily


Learning for Everyone

Family members have an opportunity to attend educational sessions to learn about the benefits of the Arrowsmith Program, a neuroplastic approach to learning and brain change.

Learn when changes may be observed and how the strengthened cognitive function is evidenced in daily life.

During the summer program, families will have an opportunity to experience the Symbol Relations Cognitive Exercise for themselves. This will provide them with an understanding and appreciation of their child’s experience.

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Are You Ready to Change Your Brain?

Contact our Admissions team today to determine if the Cognitive Intensive Program is a good fit for you. Need a more flexible schedule? Be sure to let our Admissions team know.