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Personalize Your Plan to Brain Change

Given every brain is unique, so is a student’s journey through Arrowsmith. Establishing a plan is essential to the achievement of your personal goals.

At Arrowsmith School, our priority is each student’s individualized Cognitive Growth Plan customized to each individual’s needs. Through engagement in our Cognitive Exercises and our positive and welcoming school environment, learning capacities, well-being and life trajectories are enhanced.  

Arrowsmith students are provided with additional opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, and academically through our Cognitive Health Curriculum. Full-time students have the additional option of enrolling in our Math and English Literacy classes.


Plan to Change - Plan to Achieve

Every student’s Cognitive Growth Plan includes one to eight of our Cognitive Exercises designed to target specific functions of the brain.  

The results of the Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment will influence which cognitive exercises make up a student’s program. Multiple factors, including learning needs, time-zones and extra-curriculars also influence a student’s personalized plan.

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Build a Cognitive Program That Suits Your Needs

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  • In-Person
  • Online
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  • Full-time - 4 to 8 Periods
  • Part-time - 1 to 3 Periods
  • Regular Day
  • Extended Day
  • School Year
  • Summer
  • Intensive
  • Independent 
  • Enhancement
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  • Cognitive Exercises
  • Math
  • English
  • Cognitive Health
  • Physical Activity
  • Field Trips
  • Clubs

Our Students Pay Positive Change Forward

Alyssa Testimonial
Parent, American ex-pats living in Switzerland
Rachel and Emma Testimonial
Rachel & Emma
Family, Uxbridge, Canada

Our Students Pay Positive Change Forward

Arrowsmith School provides opportunities for students to utilize their cognitive skills in ways that give back to their communities.

Engaging in actions that contribute to reconciliation and participating in fundraising specific to poverty, cancer research, and the environment allows Arrowsmith students to demonstrate responsibility, leadership, and stewardship.  

Our students welcome visitors to our school and are tremendous ambassadors of the Arrowsmith Program.