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A Place for Change - In Our School or in Your Home

Arrowsmith School has provided in-person instruction for over 40 years within the city of Toronto, Canada. 

In 2020, Arrowsmith School opened its online campus.  

Students attend in-person and online from all around the world for school year and summer programs.


Our In-Person Campus is a Great Place to Learn, Grow and Thrive

Arrowsmith School provides a comfortable, safe and accepting learning environment, for in-person students. 

Positive school experiences and learning occur in a culture of care, friendship and engagement.

Our welcoming in-person campus is located at 245 St. Clair Avenue West in the heart of Forest Hill, a neighbourhood in Midtown Toronto. Situated in two redesigned and renovated spaces, Arrowsmith School features three cognitive and two academic classrooms where students work on their personalized programs. 

Students working on exercises
Isaiah Mastery
Alexandra Tracing
Sophie Tracing

We Support Continuous Engagement

In-person families are encouraged to have a learning workspace set up at home for days where appointments, health or other activities result in the need to access school from home. Families can reach out to teachers and arrange to connect to the classroom virtually when required.  

Can’t make it in for a day? No worries, students can join their classroom virtually when needed.

Arrowsmith School Backyard

Cognitive Gains Shine Outdoors

Whether at recess or lunch breaks, when students are not in class, you may find them enjoying different physical activities outdoors.  

Our shaded and fenced backyard is ready for friendship, play, Gaga Ball, basketball and snow fort creation.

When more space is needed or students are in the mood to expend more energy, time is spent down the street at either the recently updated Sir Winston Churchill Park & Garden (301 St. Clair Avenue West) or Glenn Gould Park & Garden (480 Avenue Road).  

These outdoor spaces provide excellent opportunities for our students to play and be active while also putting their cognitive gains into practice. 

Soar in an Arrowsmith Online Learning Environment

Arrowsmith School’s online classrooms are virtual spaces where teachers and students from around the globe unite as a community committed to brain change and student success.  

Inside a Microsoft Teams classroom, students work on their cognitive exercises with the instruction, guidance and support of their dedicated and skilled teachers and the encouragement of fellow classmates.

Tools and Technology for Brain Change

Most Arrowsmith Cognitive Exercises are within our Brainex system accessed over the internet through Google Chrome.  

When students are working within the Brainex system, teachers monitor student progress through our sophisticated data management system. Students and families review daily progress on the Brainex dashboard.  

Set up your home workspace and experience Arrowsmith. You will need:

  • Computer
  • Suitable internet connectivity
  • Webcam
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Numeric keypad
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Chrome
Conditions for Success

Arrowsmith families, in collaboration with online teachers, play a critical role in creating the conditions for success.


Our online classroom teachers promote student engagement and enhance the learning experience by developing connections with, and between, students. To contribute to a positive classroom environment, students are encouraged to join the Microsoft Teams classroom with their webcams on. A microphone is also required for individual and group engagement.

Student Attendance and Engagement

For the brain to change it is essential that students attend to and engage in their cognitive exercises. 

Daily classroom attendance and a workspace free of distractions are critical to engagement, learning and cognitive growth.  

Teachers can monitor engagement throughout a lesson and receive daily summaries of completed work. Our student dashboard is a valuable tool, allowing the student to review and reflect on their engagement. Students are encouraged to set goals and challenge themselves to meet and exceed them!

Work & Learning Space

Students should have a designated workspace that allows for concentration, listening and communication. Personal privacy must be taken into account when planning the location of a home learning space. Conversations and activities of other family members heard and observed within a virtual classroom can lead to challenging situations for students and families. 

Communication & Support

Teachers and families communicate regularly through email, our Blackbaud School Management System, and Microsoft Teams meetings, to enhance student engagement and support success.  

Family members come to understand the unique approach to instruction and how it differs from traditional classroom instruction through the support of teachers, our Program Advisor and Parent Liaison.

Virtual Learning Testimonials

Arrowsmith School Online Student Ona 0-29 screenshot
Young Adult Student, Canada
Arrowsmith School Online Parent Shannon
Parent, Nashville, TN, USA

Experience Arrowsmith Online or In-Person