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With Us for a Short Time, Benefit for a Lifetime

Our students and their families will tell you they are the fortunate ones. Our students found Arrowsmith and are engaged in a journey to increase their cognitive capacity. 

Our Cognitive Programs ensure our students overcome the challenges they have faced in school, in employment, within their social world or other aspects of their lives. 

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Our Students Remember Living Life With Learning Difficulties

Many of our students used to dread tests, report card day and for some, everything about school, even recess! For our older, adult students, often their jobs would instill anxiety as would the challenges that day-to-day tasks pose. 

Many Arrowsmith students are diagnosed as having a Learning Disability - such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, or ADHD… and the list goes on. Some of our students do not have a diagnosis, but have struggled to read, write, do math, remember what was asked of them, experience challenges interacting with others, or have difficulty completing tasks on time at school or work.  

Many of our part-time students attend Arrowsmith to enhance their cognitive functions in areas where they feel they would like to be stronger. For example, our Symbol Relations Program is popular amongst part-time students who are looking to improve their processing speed, to refine their ability to make connections and deepen insight or enrich their capacity to comprehend or to enhance their performance at school or work.

What all Arrowsmith students have in common is they are changing their brains to be at their best.

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Our Students Redefine Their Futures Through Arrowsmith

Our students are dedicated to achieving their preferred future so persevere daily to meet head-on the difficulties they are determined to overcome and conquer. Our students know we will support them in overcoming their challenges; lead them through to success; celebrate and then challenge them a little more so they can achieve each short-term goal on a path to achieving lifetime ambitions.  

Our students know we believe in them, and they come to believe in themselves.

Arrowsmith Programs are Personalized to Meet Our Students’ Unique Needs

Arrowsmith has been life-changing. Before coming to Arrowsmith I had difficulty reading and I was a university student struggling to do my work, spending twice as long on my assignments and getting far less on my grades than my classmates. After three years full-time at Arrowsmith, my reading improved, my study habits became better and I won the Principal’s Award.

Alumni, Bala, Ontario

There are a couple of weeks left but it is looking like she will get straight A's! Two years ago, she couldn't read a thing. I can't thank you enough.

Parent, Canada

Our daughter’s reading has improved immensely mainly due to a huge improvement in working memory. Many people have noticed an improvement in speech as she longer needs to pause to think what she wanted to say. She also asks less questions showing she understands things the first time.

Parent, Canada

To be honest, without Arrowsmith, high school would have felt impossible to do.

Student, Toronto, Canada

Can You Relate to Our Students’ Needs?

If you can relate to the challenges our students have faced, maybe it is time to learn how you can create a new path forward.

Complete our Cognitive Questionnaire to understand your or your child’s difficulties through a cognitive lens.

Life Before, With and After Arrowsmith School. There’s a Difference

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