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Arrowsmith is Dedicated to Walking the Journey With Families

At Arrowsmith School we know the value of relationships and the importance of collaboration between family and school in contributing to student success.  

Students, families, and educators work together to provide an educational experience that supports the cognitive, social, emotional, and academic development of our students. 

We establish relationships that continue beyond the time that students attend our school.  

Together, we change brains to transform lives.

Parent and child learning

Our Connection With Families Helps Our Students Thrive

Arrowsmith teachers encourage communication between home and school on a regular basis to ensure students
are engaged in and benefiting from their program. 
Happy parents and children at home

Teachers provide updates regularly through email and our school management system, Blackbaud. We welcome family meetings – in-person and online to ensure a shared responsibility in student success. 

Our goal is to maximize student engagement, performance, and achievement by addressing needs as they arise.  

We welcome opportunities to engage with families to celebrate successes, address concerns, and facilitate community connections for fun and learning.

We are a solution focused school community that values relationships, communication, and the role we each play in student achievement and well-being.

Each Student’s Pathway is Intentional and Personalized

Our Arrowsmith School team plays a critical and supportive role in assisting students and families in planning their pathway towards cognitive change and life ambitions.  

School staff meet with individual families to understand and monitor how our students are progressing from a student and family perspective.   

Together, performance, engagement and assessment data are reviewed, and next steps are determined to ensure our students are traveling a path towards achieving their goals.

Parents and child learning

"As a school leader, I am proud of the collaborative relationships that form between families and staff in an effort to see students achieve their dreams. Though there is structure within each cognitive exercise, there is tremendous flexibility in how we engage each student, personalizing the program plan to maximize opportunities for success.   

We value ongoing and reciprocal communication that benefits our students' Arrowsmith experience."

Shelley Woon, Head of School

We Encourage and Facilitate Opportunities for
Parent and Student Voices

Throughout the year, members of our Arrowsmith School team will invite family members and adult students to connect to learn more about Arrowsmith and from each other.

We value and welcome the voice of our families and create opportunities for parents and students to provide feedback and suggestions that can feed forward into our school development plans.

Parent Quotes

It's hard to fully articulate the gratitude I have for Arrowsmith. They are helping my son achieve his immense potential. They expect a lot from him, but they do so in a kind and compassionate way. I shudder to imagine what his schooling experience would be elsewhere. It is a blessing we found this incredible school. Without exaggeration, it is changing the trajectory of our son's life. 

In-Person Parent, Toronto, Canada

As parents of a student in an Arrowsmith online classroom, we have found that the cognitive teachers are only ever an email away and are very responsive. They clearly have our daughter’s best interests at heart, and this extends to a concern for her psychological wellbeing.

Online Parent, Paris, France

What you will discover at Arrowsmith: Wonderful teachers who are supportive, encouraging, kind and lots of fun! And an atmosphere that promotes confidence, respect for others and helpfulness. Programs individually tailored in a way that lets the students achieve success, which in turn, inspires them to want to keep learning. lots of great planned activities and outings (e.g. Museums, Toronto Island, magic shows).

Parent, Toronto, Canada

Our Alumni Connect to Share Their Achievements

For over 40 years, Arrowsmith School alumni have changed their lives and transformed their future. Our alumni, through cognitive transformation, have been able to realize their dreams. They stay in touch sharing with us where they are on their journey. 

Alumni are kept up to date through our Alumni Newsletter and are also invited to special Arrowsmith events.

Parent and child

For Over 40 Years Arrowsmith Families Experience the Arrowsmith Difference

Listen to the stories and achievements of Arrowsmith Alumni

Arrowsmith Parent Kathy Testimonial
Parent, Vancouver, Canada
Arrowsmith Alumni Colby Testimonial
Student, Toronto, Canada
Leo and Family Testimonial
Leo and his Family
Family, Toronto, Canada

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