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We Help Both Children and Adults Become Their Best Self

At Arrowsmith School, our goal is for our students to become independent, confident, and self-directed learners who are equipped to achieve academic, career and life success.  

If you are looking for accommodations or modified expectations - “work arounds” – that’s not Arrowsmith.


We Keep the Brain in the Education Equation

Rather than using accommodations to complete complex tasks, the Arrowsmith Program increases the brain’s ability to perform them. Arrowsmith students strengthen the cognitive functions essential for reading, writing, math, emotional intelligence, reasoning, critical thinking and other school, work, and life related skills.  

Our approach is not to lower expectations but to strengthen our students’ ability to achieve them.  

Arrowsmith’s focus is to target and strengthen the related cognitive functions so success is possible. Our students work to improve their capabilities by increasing the capacity of something they all carry with them every day and everywhere – their brain!

Creating Pathways to Success

The brain is neuroplastic. The brain can change. The right conditions and approach lead to positive changes.

The brain’s ability to change and our understanding of the principles of neuroplasticity is what allows Arrowsmith to change brains and transform lives.

Arrowsmith’s Cognitive Exercises, tapping into the brain's neuroplastic nature, strengthen neural pathways changing our students’ ability to learn to read, write, do math, comprehend, reason, think critically, be empathetic and engage in meaningful ways. 

By addressing the source of the difficulty, our students improve their ability to perform complex tasks. Students are able to redefine their future, living with greater independence, confidence, and sense of accomplishment. Healthy self-confidence based on real-world competence develops.

Arrowsmith has the neuroplasticity of the brain and our students’ lifelong successes at the forefront of our program. 

Learn More About

Cognitive Functions

The brain's mental processes


The brain's ability to change

Overcome Learning Challenges for a Better Life

The Arrowsmith Program strengthens cognitive functions critical to learning and life through the principles of neuroplasticity. We address learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, memory, processing speed, comprehension, auditory processing, ADHD, executive functioning, non-verbal thinking.

Our Cognitive Exercises are designed to build capacity within the parts of the brain that are interfering with success in school, at work and in life.

What do the above learning challenges have in common?

Answer: The Brain

Learn More About the Difficulties and Diagnoses Arrowsmith Can Address

With Us for a Short Time – Changed for a Lifetime


Unique to Arrowsmith School is the fact that we aren’t looking to keep our students for a long time – just the time required to improve our students’ cognitive functions and their ability to navigate the world with greater confidence, independence and success.  

Our goal is to facilitate the cognitive changes required for future success and to support students’ transition to life beyond Arrowsmith.  

Students who have had an Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment completed are provided with an estimated program length based on their specific assessment results. Progress is monitored and assessed, allowing us to provide updates on the cognitive functions addressed through the programmed exercises.

The Arrowsmith Program is More Impactful Than Tutoring

Read our Tutoring and Arrowsmith blog, to learn how the Arrowsmith Program stands apart from traditional approaches to learning challenges.


Arrowsmith Students Know and Feel They are Welcome

At Arrowsmith School, whether attending our Toronto in-person classrooms or our worldwide online classrooms, our students engage in a positive learning experience that promotes academic success, social connectedness, and overall well-being.

We provide an exemplary Cognitive Program to students of all ages within an inclusive learning environment that includes families as a key part of the journey.  

Arrowsmith Teachers Make a Difference

Our outstanding cognitive teachers partner with parents and students, creating a safe, supportive, and informed community. Our teacher:student ratio in our cognitive classrooms is approximately 1:12 allowing our teachers to know and connect with their students.  

Arrowsmith Classrooms are Available for In-Person and Online Learning

Whether attending online or in-person, our students will join daily with their peers and teachers within one of our cognitive classrooms at either our location on St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto, or within our Microsoft Teams classrooms. Both settings welcome students of all ages, provide an optimal learning experience, a range of scheduling options, and the ability to access our Cognitive Exercises through our Brainex platform.   

The option of math and English small-class instruction is available to students on both campuses. Learn more about our academic programs here.

Talk to our Admissions Team to determine the Arrowsmith School campus that best meets your learning needs, schedule, and preferred learning style. Both our online and in-person campuses welcome students of all ages.

Arrowsmith Students Put Their Cognitive Growth into Action

Health and wellness are integrated into our instruction through the lens of our Cognitive Health Framework. Arrowsmith students put their cognitive growth into action as they participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities that are championed by our active student council and supported by our enthusiastic staff. Experiences such as school clubs, field trips, celebrations and games provide opportunities for our students to experience success and our staff to witness student progress. Many times, we have heard from families that it is in these types of activities where gains are first noticed.  

Watch out – the tables may turn with who is winning your family’s favourite card or board games!

Arrowsmith Students Share Their Success

The sense of belonging and accomplishment within the Arrowsmith community is one that our students carry into their futures and is what keeps them connected to us as active members of our alumni.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

Arrowsmith School is part of a comprehensive, world-wide community and is fortunate to be directly supported by our founder, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, and a dynamic and innovative program team.

We are a learning community, benefiting from knowledge gained within our school and from professionals worldwide. Our students are at the leading edge as advancements are made in neuroeducational science.