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Extracurriculars Reveal Cognitive Change in Action

At Arrowsmith School, students will enjoy participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities that allow students to feel a sense of belonging as they engage with their classmates and put their newfound strengths into practice.  

Students will learn to embrace individual and group challenges while developing their confidence during Cognitive Game Shows, while on field trips and as they participate in student-initiated clubs.

Extracurriculars, including field trips, occur for in-person and online students. Toronto has much to offer that is accessible to our students at the in-person campus. It’s equally amazing what can occur within a virtual classroom!

Students having fun

Real-World Opportunities Reinforce the
Cognitive Gains of Our Students


When students interact socially and engage with their environment, they have an opportunity to demonstrate their cognitive gains, as well as their areas for continued growth.  

Arrowsmith School staff incorporate field trips into our program to provide real-life opportunities for students to apply new skills, learn about the world around them and to grow socially.  

Local trips, whether to Casa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Bata Shoe Museum or to a nearby hiking trail or park, provide experiential learning for our students from the moment they board the streetcar.

A Virtual World for Discovery

Everyone needs time to explore the world - and how wonderful it is that this can occur as a full school community within a virtual meeting space! 

Arrowsmith Students from our online and in-person classrooms come together for virtual field trips within our Arrowsmith Field Trip Microsoft Teams meeting space. Students learn about nature, animal protection, and the arts, while touring reptile rescues, wildlife exhibits, works of talented artists and more.  

Accompany your child on an Arrowsmith virtual field trip and hear the inquisitive voices of students in wonder and awe of their world.

Students on Terry Fox Run

Your School – Your Student Council

All students are welcome to join Arrowsmith School’s student council, whether for one meeting or every meeting. We value students’ voices and contributions to creating a welcoming and inclusive school community that provides opportunities for everyone.  

Our student council comes together in a virtual meeting space to set the direction for school clubs, theme days, celebrations and to voice their perspective on areas for school improvement.

Arrowsmith Students’ Voices Inform Students’ Club Choices

Every year our Student Council helps determine our clubs’ line-up for the year to make sure all students have a voice in what we offer. Our clubs allow students to gain valuable experience in experiential learning as they grow through discovery.  

Some past clubs have included: Music Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Lego Club, Chess Club, Kite Club, Yearbook Club, Robotics Club, Sports Club, Ninja Club, Photography Club, Boardgames Club, Science and Discovery Club, Programming Club, Fitness Club, etc. 

Share your interest and share the fun with your Arrowsmith classmates.


Arrowsmith School Offers
a Full School Experience

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