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Start With Understanding

The Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment determines your strengths and weaknesses through a cognitive lens.  

What functions are getting in your way of success? Let’s find out.

Teacher and students

Gain Understanding of Your Brain With the
Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment

Understanding a student’s cognitive functions through an Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment helps us
determine the cognitive exercises most critical to improving a student’s performance.  

The Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment measures the underlying cognitive capacities that are responsible for learning and provides us with the unique cognitive profile of the student.  

The results of an Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment will inform us of the performance level for each cognitive function assessed. Each function is rated on a 12-point scale ranging from very severe, through average, to above average.  

The assessment report – the Initial Learning Profile - will describe the function, the rating, and common features evidenced by a strength or difficulty specific to the cognitive function. These results provide invaluable information to create the individual program plan that supports gains in the areas of cognitive function the student needs to address.

Assessments In-Person or Online: Your Choice

The Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment takes one to 1.5 days to complete.  

Our staff can conduct an assessment in-person at Arrowsmith School in Toronto, or online. 

Many students benefit from the opportunity to complete the assessment in-person, while others, given the distance from the school, prefer our online option.

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Begin With a Consultation

Contact our admissions team to share your story and learn how an Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment will benefit you on your journey to cognitive change.

What to Expect During the Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment

When you decide to move forward with an Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment you can expect to:
Choose the Assessment Format That Works Best For You
Book Assessment Times That Work For You
Our team will schedule dates that work for you, or you can access our booking calendar and choose the right dates and times for yourself.
Complete a Contract and Payment in Advance of the Assessment Date
  • Our team will share all contract information and financial options with you.
  • Your contract and payment will be finalized through our Blackbaud School Management System.
  • An assessment briefing date will be established, scheduled to occur within two weeks of the assessment date.
Connect with our Arrowsmith School Psychometrist
  • If needed, you can connect with our psychometrist in advance of your assessment date to ask any additional questions you might have about the assessment process. 
  • If you or your child would benefit from an initial meet-up prior to starting the assessment, just let our Admissions team know and this can be arranged.
Be Kept Informed Leading up to the Assessment Day
  • If you are attending in-person, you will receive an email prior to your assessment day with directions to the school and information about parking, what to bring and what to do upon arrival at the school. Our team will be ready to greet you.
  • If you are joining online, you will receive an email prior to your assessment day with login information, process for the assessment periods, and critical information about the technology needed to make the session successful.
  • Still have questions? Reach out and we will be glad to assist!
Understand the Assessment Day Process
  • If your assessment is in-person, you will be greeted at the school by Arrowsmith School staff. Our Admissions Officer or Head of School will offer you a tour of the school. You will be introduced to our psychometrist who will provide an overview of the assessment process and address any questions you may still have. Individuals being assessed will have the opportunity to meet and join our school community during recess breaks and lunch. You will quickly discover what a welcoming school community we are! 
  • If your assessment is online, you will join via the Microsoft Teams meeting link in your calendar invite. Our psychometrist will greet you in the virtual meeting space. The process for the day will be reviewed with you. It will be important that students requiring assistance to engage are well supervised, while the supervisor refrains from providing any assistance that may skew assessment results.
Be Aware of Your Assessment Completion
  • Our psychometrist will inform you when all assessment tasks have been completed.  
  • Our Admissions Officer will reach out to you to confirm the feedback date. Assessment Briefing can occur in-person or online.
Attend an Assessment Briefing
  • Our Admissions Officer will provide you with a copy of the Initial Learning Profile in advance of the Assessment Briefing, for your review.
  • During the briefing, details about each cognitive function will be provided, including how strengths and weaknesses may be evidenced in each area and most importantly the results determined via the assessment.
  • Families will be provided with an opportunity to ask questions about and make connections to the assessment results. 
  • Program recommendations will be made based on the assessment results and the circumstances the family has provided during discussions.
  • Families will be encouraged to take time to reflect on the assessment results and to reach back out to an Arrowsmith team member with any additional questions they may have.
Enrol in an Arrowsmith Program
With your Initial Learning Profile in hand, start planning your journey of change.

Access Your Needs and Begin Your Arrowsmith Journey of Cognitive Change