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Since 1980, Arrowsmith School has welcomed students to be truly understood: a place to redefine themselves, and their ability to learn.

As the home of Arrowsmith’s innovative cognitive programs, our school offers a wide range of schedules, formats and options to suit both children and adults.

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“…the approach of special education in schools has been to identify students’ weaknesses and teach around them, essentially teaching to their strengths. Arrowsmith’s approach is the opposite. The teachers work to identify brain weaknesses and then teach to them – building up the brain pathways and connections that students need. My hope is that all students with learning differences will be exposed to brain training and freed from the labels and limits they have been forced to live with, replacing these instead with hope engendered by a transformed brain.”

Dr. Jo Boaler
Professor at Stanford University, Author of Limitless Mind

Every Individual’s Cognitive Journey is Unique

From full school experiences, to evening and summer programs, we honour the unique cognitive profile and journey of each student. 

"I was totally demoralized because I had been in an environment of constant failure since kindergarten. Arrowsmith helped me defy the odds everyone said I would never overcome. Compared to the other programs, none of which touched my problems, Arrowsmith helped me to penetrate and actually resolve the problems. It works if you work, the way a bodybuilder has to."

Arrowsmith Alumni

At 13 Dan had a grade 3 reading level: psychological testing results informed his family he would not read beyond that. After Arrowsmith, Dan was reading and doing math at his age-appropriate grade- level, went on to graduate from college and now works in venture capital.

Hear First-Hand the Successes of Past Students

Testimonial - Marlo, Paul _ Kera, Family
Marlo, Paul & Kera, Family - Texas, USA
"I was more engaged in classes, and I found it easier to review content after I learned it in class."
Testimonial - Alex and his Mother, Family

Alex and his Mother, Family - Texas, USA

"His math has improved already. Just doing simple math for things, everyday life has really improved. His handwriting is better. He's reading easier. He says he understands things that he's reading and he's able to read people now like nonverbal cues."

Arrowsmith Alumni Michael - Arrowsmith increases capacity to focus, organize and build confidence 0-14 screenshot
Michael, Adult Student- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Anxiety, which I've suffered with my entire life, has tremendously decreased. My confidence has risen since I've been on this journey. Finally, after 29 years, I'm able to learn anything new pretty quickly."
Testimonial - Laura, Parent
Laura, Parent -  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Arrowsmith has an incredible ability to identify the exact learning needs of your child. And I've seen with my own child who's benefited from the program, that they were able to pinpoint the exact exercises that he needed to do in order to address his learning needs. It worked."

Strengthen Your Brain.
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Our day school welcomes students to transform their cognitive profile and access our specialized academic programming, as well as varied enrichment such as field trips, lunch clubs, and a close-knit community of faculty and students. 

Our learning centre offers flexibility to those attending Arrowsmith as an after-school program; our adult programs enable professionals, parents and young adults to engage in transformative cognitive programming on a schedule that suits their busy lifestyle. 

Our online program expands our reach – with virtual classes starting as early as 7:45am and finishing as late as 8:30pm ET - Monday to Friday, meaning wherever you are, our cognitive experts are ready to guide you or your child to redefine possibilities in learning and performance. 

The Arrowsmith School is unlike any other school or learning centre in the world. We would be privileged to welcome you or your children to experience the Arrowsmith difference. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities available through the Arrowsmith School.

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