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Strengthen Your Brain,
Be At Your Best

A co-educational, independent, special education school for learners 6 to 90+, offering online and in-person cognitive programming for individuals with learning disabilities.

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Your Journey to a Brighter Future

Discover how our evidence-based cognitive exercises, combined with our positive environment, dedicated teachers and sophisticated progress monitoring system set Arrowsmith School apart from other special education programs and schools.  

For more than 40 years, Arrowsmith School has provided an innovative educational program based on the principles of neuroplasticity to change brains and transform lives.  

Our students’ futures are changed by engaging in a personalized cognitive program that strengthens the areas of their brain that are limiting their success. After achieving program goals, students are prepared to engage more fully in other educational and life opportunities.  

Whether looking to enhance cognitive function or overcome learning challenges, your brain can benefit from Arrowsmith.

Welcome to Arrowsmith School

Message from Head of School

It is wonderful to see you here! I am so pleased that you have discovered Arrowsmith School. 

Our caring and inclusive community and innovative educational program will lead you on a personalized learning journey that will transform your life. Arrowsmith School will open doors to the future you have dreamed of and know is possible for yourself, your child, or other members of your family.

Personally, as an educator with over thirty years in education, it is incredible to be leading a school that is making a positive difference within the lives of students by engaging and supporting a learning journey that truly transforms lives by changing brains. Within other educational systems, common practice is to accommodate learning disabilities and modify the curriculum expectations without providing interventions to address identified needs. 

At Arrowsmith, we address learning difficulties head on – literally – so our students can function independently.

As a member of our in-person or online classrooms, you will participate in a personalized program, with the support of our exemplary teachers, that will ignite changes in those cognitive areas of your brain that may currently be barriers to the achievements you know you are capable of. 

It is such a joy to hear directly from students, families, and our alumni about the successes they are experiencing, or witnessing, that once felt unreachable.  

If you have questions for us, or want to share your story, we’d love to hear from you.I hope you’ll reach out and make Arrowsmith a part of your life story. 

We hope to see you soon at Arrowsmith School, 
Shelley Woon, Head of Arrowsmith School

Innovators in Education - Pioneers in Neuroplasticity

Starting in 1978, we have 40+ years as innovators in the world of neuroscience and education.

Arrowsmith students have experienced brain change to support:

  • Academic and learning abilities

  • Communication

  • Memory

  • Social engagement

  • Executive functioning

  • Cognitive enhancement

  • Processing speed

  • Reasoning and critical thinking

  • Mental Health

  • Employability


You or Your Child Might Relate to Barbara
Arrowsmith-Young's Story

An Investment in Arrowsmith is an Investment in Life

Did you know, struggling to learn has the potential to compromise many of the social determinants of health, including employment, income, mental health, and social inclusion? Research shows that challenges in these areas could lead to poor physical health.  

Addressing learning difficulties is not only beneficial but critical to the well-being of those who are struggling with them. 

By changing brains, we change life outcomes.

Talk to our Admissions team to learn more about how to enroll in our Online or In-person Campuses today and start your journey of cognitive change.

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Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, Arrowsmith Founder, TEDx Talk - The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

Listen to Barbara
Arrowsmith-Young’s Story and Hear From Others About Their Experiences with Arrowsmith

Hear First-Hand the Successes of Past Students

Testimonial - Marlo, Paul and Kera, Family
Marlo, Paul & Kera, Family - Texas, USA
"I was more engaged in classes, and I found it easier to review content after I learned it in class."
Testimonial - Alex and his Mother, Family

Alex and his Mother, Family - Texas, USA

"His math has improved already. Just doing simple math for things, everyday life has really improved. His handwriting is better. He's reading easier. He says he understands things that he's reading and he's able to read people now like nonverbal cues."

Arrowsmith Alumni Michael - Arrowsmith increases capacity to focus, organize and build confidence 0-14 screenshot
Michael, Adult Student- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Anxiety, which I've suffered with my entire life, has tremendously decreased. My confidence has risen since I've been on this journey. Finally, after 29 years, I'm able to learn anything new pretty quickly."
Testimonial - Laura, Parent
Laura, Parent -  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Arrowsmith has an incredible ability to identify the exact learning needs of your child. And I've seen with my own child who's benefited from the program, that they were able to pinpoint the exact exercises that he needed to do in order to address his learning needs. It worked."
Mitch and Olivia Homeschooling Thumbnail
Olivia & Mitch, Family - Toronto, Canada

“Arrowsmith is meeting two needs that most homeschoolers worry about, which is isolation and obviously learning learning issues as well. It could only benefit. There's no downside to this.”

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With more than 40 years of proven results and well-researched studies, many notable media outlets and organizations have featured the work of Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, the Arrowsmith Program and Arrowsmith School, including: